At Oak Street Medical, we provide a variety of laboratory services, in-office testing and monitoring, as well as injections. Unlike many primary care clinics, we can also perform many emergency and specialty services.

Primary Care

Our comprehensive primary care services encompass the complete care of patients and families including preventative, diagnostic, acute and chronic health conditions, and inpatient hospital care.

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Diabetes Care

More an art than a science, treating diabetes requires experience and careful consideration to create a care plan that’s as unique as the patient.

At Oak Street Medical, we take the time to get to know our patients, knowing that family, work, diet, exercise and emotional well-being all play an important role. By considering the entire person, we’re better able to optimize your overall health.

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Integrated Behavioral Health

Many people need counseling at some point in their lives. From marriage counseling and adolescent troubles to depression and persistent illness, we’re here to help. Your provider can refer you for a consultation.

Laboratory / In-Office Testing

For your convenience, we offer laboratory and in-office testing to aid in your diagnosis and treatment. Our services include:

• Blood draws for blood testing
• In-office urine, pregnancy and strep throat testing
• Electrocardiogram and pulmonary testing with results while you wait
• Microscopic smears for vaginal, nasal and skin infections
• Oxygen-level measurements

Coumadin Monitoring

We check your INR levels with an in-office finger stick and supply a printout of any dose changes, based on your current levels, before you leave our office.

Triage / Emergency Services

During normal office hours, we can provide many services usually offered only in an emergency room. Our services include:

• IV placement and fluids for dehydration or vomiting
• IV diuretics for treatment of swelling or heart failure
• Steroid injections for shortness of breath or hives
• Flushing and maintenance of permanent catheters
• Blood draws through permanent catheters
• Wound care, stitching of cuts and stitch removal


From vaccines to vitamins, we offer the following injections:

• Testosterone and estrogen
• Depo-Provera for pregnancy prevention
• Vitamin B12
• Procrit for treatment of anemia
• Lovenox for treatment of blood clots
• Reclast for osteoporosis
• Nausea and pain relievers
• Vaccines for adults, including flu, pneumonia, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, hepatitis, and shingles

Specialty Services

As an Oak Street Medical patient, you can choose to have many specialty procedures done here, saving you time and additional co-pay at a specialist’s office. Our specialty services include:

• Joint injections for treatment of joint pain
• Trigger point injections
• Tendon and bursa injections for pain and inflammation
• Drainage of boils and cysts
• Removal of moles and other skin lesions
• Biopsies for skin lesions, moles
• Liquid nitrogen
• Ingrown toenail removal
• Removal of foreign bodies, such as splinters, glass or ticks
• Earwax removal, irrigation
• Hearing testing
• Vision testing


Here you will find links to reliable sources of information on diabetes and other health-related topics.

Arthritis Foundation – Disease Center
American Heart Association

Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

The Oregon Legislature established the Patient-Centered Primary Care Home Program in 2009 to set the standard for high-quality, patient-centered primary care. As your Patient-Centered Medical Home, Oak Street Medical has been at the forefront of health care reform and strives to deliver comprehensive, high-quality care.