Jenny Bohrman, DO

Family Medicine, Osteopathic Manual Medicine, Mind Body Medicine, Mental Health

Dr. Jenny Bohrman is a family medicine doctor who works with patients ages 10 and older. Dr. Bohrman is committed to helping patients thrive, regardless of their medical conditions, and enjoys helping people be in tune with their body with more awareness and less worry.

Prior to studying medicine, Jenny practiced a wide range of healing modalities – she taught yoga in a health center for three years, practiced Reiki in a physical therapy office, co-lead mindfulness meditation groups for those with chronic mental illness, and worked as a professional health counselor. She continues to incorporate these experiences in her practice. She also integrates osteopathic manual medicine, which includes hands-on diagnosis and treatments, including myofascial release and subtle osteopathy, akin to cranial sacral therapy.

Dr. Bohrman hails from New York City, where she completed a family medicine residency at Columbia University Medical Center with New York Presbyterian Hospital. She earned her graduate degree from West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine and bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond.

After saying “so long” to the clang of the subways and the bustling streets of NYC, Dr. Bohrman happily settled on a hillside in Cottage Grove with her partner, Josh, and their son. Swing dancing, Qigong and painting bring joy and balance to her life.